Owners and CEO's of privately owned companies need a trusted business advisor to rely on in order to help them change, grow and get to the next level of business success.

Nextgrowth is a Toronto-based global strategic business advisory firm that is focused on providing owners and CEO's of privately owned companies, independent, practical and hands-on advice in growing the business value of their business. After 25+ years of providing strategic business consulting services within other professional service firms, Michael Epstein launched Nextgrowth to fill a much needed void in the private company marketplace. The pillars of the Nextgrowth value proposition are:

  • > Practical and effective business solutions for owners of businesses and their teams
  • > Helping privately owned companies successfully grow over the long term
  • > Focus on building business value
  • > Catalyst for change
  • > An independent perspective
  • > A non-judgemental sounding board for CEO’s



About Michael Epstein

President and Founder of Nextgrowth Group Inc.

Michael Epstein C.A. is an accomplished businessman. For over 30 years he has provided strategic business advice to owners of privately owned companies in areas ranging from developing long term strategic goals to operations excellence. As a skilled businessman, Michael brings a broad-perspective to bear on helping his clients break through to new levels of successful growth. Michael leads Nextgrowth's primary service offerings in the following areas:


  • Business strategy – development and execution
  • Family-owned businesses – navigating opportunities and challenges
  • Business sales & acquisitions
  • Corporate finance – raising debt and/or equity capital

Prior to forming Nextgrowth Group Inc., Michael was a Partner and the National leader of consulting and deals services for the PricewaterhouseCooper's (PwC) Private Company Services practice. This experience has allowed Michael to work with and observe some of the ‘best’ privately owned businesses in the country. Before joining PwC, Michael was the Managing Partner of a mid-market CA and consulting firm providing business advisory services to privately-owned companies.


Michael believes in building long-term working relationships and continuously strives to earn the right to be his clients' primary trusted business advisor. On a personal note, he grew up working within a multi-generational family enterprise in the food processing sector; consequently, he has acquired considerable experience in understanding the unique needs of family-owned businesses.


Michael has spoken at numerous conferences, presented at seminars and is quoted in various publications, on topics relating to strategy, leadership, family business transition planning, business operations and mergers & acquisitions, throughout North America.

What services does Nextgrowth provide?

We help you grow business value.
Building value starts with creating a strategic plan for both the short and long term. Decisions, alignment of your team, priorities and processes will flow from this plan.
We help with:

Strategy -
Develop and Execute:

Developing a long term strategic roadmap is required to clarify your future direction and then align your management team, organization structure and processes in order to achieve short and long term strategic goals. Prioritizing the strategic goals allows management to optimize allocation of resources (funds, people) to strategic opportunities and challenges. We help management focus on committing to a strategic plan and then executing that plan. Our aim is to raise the probability of achieving long term sustainable profits and building business value.

Advice to
Families in Business:

Driving business value increases the probability that family owned businesses will be sustainable from generation to generation. We understand the unique and challenging dynamics within a family that go along with business ownership and management. Our goal is to help family owned businesses develop objective processes that unify the success of the family and the business.

Business Sales &
Acquisitions ("M&A") Advice:

Successful M&A transactions are most often a function of great strategy. Your strategy could include a focused acquisition program for specific products or services in order to achieve growth goals. Conversely, we help build business value so that one day you can monetize that value.

Nextgrowth has expanded its M&A / corporate finance practice.
Find out more here.

Finance Advice:

Identifying the amount of capital required to achieve your strategic goals is critical to short and long term success. We will help you raise the right amount of capital (debt and/or equity) with the "right-fit" capital sponsors and ensure that the structure best meets your specific business objectives.

How does Nextgrowth Make a Difference?

Every business has unique challenges and opportunities. Our perspective and approach is tailored to the needs of each client. The common themes in our approach to help you get to the next level of success are:

Taking genuine care and interest in our clients

Focus on creating and growing value

Bring best practices to each situation

Practical and effective solutions that do not waste time

We supplement client assignments through strategic alliances with other like-minded consulting firms that specialize in the areas of:

  • Operational effectiveness
  • Human resources
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Information technology
  • Sales and marketing
  • Financial management

Why use Nextgrowth?

Privately owned companies - this is our DNA.
We thrive on helping owners of these businesses get to the next level of success.

Fees and pricing structure:

No hourly fees. Consulting-type assignments are structured on a fixed-fee basis. Transaction based assignments are structured on a fixed fee retainer and success fee basis.


We are less interested in writing consulting reports and much more engaged in "making things happen".

Honest and candid advice:

Straight, honest and candid communication, based upon the knowledge of incredible client experiences is the hallmark of our success.

Speak to our clients:

Short testimonials are great however, we believe that the best way to learn about our contributions to client success is for you to have an informal conversation with them about their Nextgrowth experience.

Contact Nextgrowth

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